The cost for hiring a ghostwriter varies based on their expertise and writing capability. Whether it's a term paper, seminar paper, bachelor's, or master's thesis, our professionals produce high-quality work that meets the strictest academic standards. Additionally, the requirements of your educational institution play a significant role in determining the price. If you commission us to write your capstone project or senior thesis, crafted by an experienced and academically trained ghostwriter, you'll find that the pricing is reasonable. These costs also depend on your field of study, the level of your institution (high school, college, or university), the number of pages, and the available timeframe. For instance, a literature review for a senior thesis will be less expensive than a medical dissertation with statistical analysis. With us, you can expect a rate of around $40.00 per page for a ghostwriter.


1. Inquiry

You inform us digitally about the type of work, the topic, the desired length, and the due date you'd like us to create for you. Also, please share your budget expectations.

2. Proposal

Based on your inquiry, we select the appropriate writer for your project and then provide you with a tailored proposal.

3. Deliverables

Once the order is confirmed and a down payment is made, our academic expert begins your project. You will receive it in partial deliveries. With each delivery, you have the opportunity to share any desired changes or feedback regarding the work.

4. Final Work

You will receive the finalized version of your work on time. We have meticulously reviewed it to ensure it's free from plagiarism and meets the highest quality standards. If you have further suggestions for improvement, the writer can make those adjustments as needed.

Standard Price
Our guideline price is $40.00 per page, formatted in Arial size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.

Higher Price
Highly complex topics Empirical research Doctoral dissertation Master's thesis Bachelor's thesis Short timeframe

Lower Price
Simple topics Diploma thesis Literature review High school graduation paper Presentation Extended deadline


Online chat with ghostwriters. Talk to us online, clarify your ideas and all essential guidelines, discuss your paper, and ask any additional questions you might have.

Timeliness Our writers will guarantee the completion of your order by the agreed deadline, even if the timeframe is tight.

Stay Updated You can easily receive SMS and email notifications from us to stay informed about the progress of your work. Why Choose Us? We offer you a wide range of services tailored to the academic field. We create and edit your texts. If desired, you can also commission literature research, as well as editing and proper citation for your work. But that's not all! Our experts can support you in your research, offer exclusive coaching sessions, check your work for plagiarism, and much more.

In our agency, everyone undergoes rigorous oversight by departmental and team leaders. We understand your need to track your order, which you can easily do through our team leader available to you at any time. If you're interested in partnering with us and joining the team, reach out to us. We'd be delighted!

If you've chosen a writing career and are also talented, we're looking for you! We're the perfect agency for you if you're proactive, have a passion for writing, meet deadlines promptly, and have an interest in research.

You're cordially invited to join the best ghostwriting company in Germany. Requirements include being consistently available for calls and emails. You need to adhere to client specifications and follow instructions from team leaders. It's vital that you can follow commands and meet requests. So, if you want to become part of our team, please fill out the application form below. We'd love to hear about your skills, work experience, education, and other qualifications.

Typically, it takes only a few days to review your application, and if accepted, we'll find the perfect spot for you in our company right away. We look forward to meeting you!

But what is expected of you?

You should have a specialized area in which you are highly knowledgeable and proficient, whether it's law, pharmacy, business, or anything else. Additionally, a passion and talent for writing are essential. Independence and punctuality are also crucial prerequisites! Furthermore, you should be in at least your final year of study with excellent grades or have already completed your degree (naturally with an outstanding GPA). You should possess knowledge and practical experience in at least one, or even better, in multiple disciplines.

Lastly, it's vital that you have impeccable and excellent expression in your writing.


At our agency, we have ghostwriters from various disciplines. For projects related to medicine, a physician or medical expert is chosen.

There are several stages, and our authors can support you throughout. The process begins with defining a topic, which then needs to be detailed. Comprehensive research on the topic follows, formulating the research questions. Once that's done, a research methodology is chosen, organized, and eventually executed. This collected data is then integrated into the document. After this, the content is articulated in detail. Ultimately, the paper is formatted and a bibliography is generated. For best results, it's advisable for the content to be reviewed and edited by an independent party.

When selecting a topic, it's crucial to consider your personal interests. This naturally makes the process smoother and keeps you motivated. Since you've already chosen the general direction, this can influence the topic selection. Personal experiences in practical settings can also be a great way to learn and broaden one's perspective.

The paper should present clinical interventions and treatment techniques, as they represent the core of the work.

Our ghostwriters can assist you at every stage. We can draft the structure, individual chapters, check spelling and grammar, and ultimately scan for plagiarism.

But can one also create Master's theses in the field of medicine?

Absolutely! Our experts can guide, write, coach, edit, correct, and review in this domain as well. Everyone can decide what they need.

Success chances without proper guidance are slim; therefore, advice from experienced medical professionals and authors is invaluable.

Costs can be discussed individually with our managers. However, this shouldn't be a deterrent when seeking assistance in crafting such an important document.


A thesis is often written in fields like Business Administration, Nursing, or Healthcare. Through it, instructors assess whether students can apply the knowledge they've acquired, as this is where theory and practice intersect. Practical applications of the concepts are emphasized. For instance, in a marketing program, the development of a marketing strategy might be required.

Many pursuing a graduate degree already have work experience in the related field and can contribute valuable insights. This makes it easier to integrate personal professional experiences into the thesis.

We cater to all assignments based on your requirements and can provide substantial support for graduate theses.

A significant advantage with us is that we can provide you with a sample template for a graduate thesis.


The process begins with an Executive Summary, followed by the Table of Contents. The introduction describes the context and the problem. The objective of the paper is also clarified, as well as the approach taken.

Next, the analysis begins. This section defines essential terms, explains the theory, gathers facts, and conducts calculations.

Subsequently, findings are presented, concluding with a summary.

There are specific guidelines to follow in such work. For instance, one should avoid the first person, using a neutral tone instead. Our experienced ghostwriters are well-versed in these nuances!

Typically, a thesis would be around 25-50 pages long (excluding the table of contents, bibliography, and appendices).

We recognize this is a considerable undertaking and would like to offer our support. Our experts are accustomed to writing lengthy, detailed, informative, and practice-oriented texts!

We always prioritize punctuality, discretion, reliability, quality, and originality.