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Premier prices for German students with top-notch quality is our mission. If you're searching for a price comparison, is the perfect place for you. We reach out to leading German agencies and find the best price for you. We broker academic excellence. Our very own academic writers are available to work with you from freshman year to graduation. Our team is prepared for rapid solutions whenever German students in the US need assistance. If you're looking to fast-track your academic journey and make a significant leap towards success, go ahead and use our German Ghostwriter Price Comparison service.

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Easy Payment
High Success Rate


One of our authors will craft a custom piece for you, tailored to your specifications and guidelines. This work will then be checked for quality and originality.


It's not just the content that matters in assessing your work; appearance and layout play a crucial role too.


We assist you in enhancing your work by offering helpful advice and making improvements.

Ghostwriters in the USA

We offer a service laden with incredible benefits that guarantee the best chances of success for your project. We employ only writers with stellar academic qualifications. In an initial consultation, you can get to know the writer better and learn more about their background. Once you've decided if you'd like to collaborate with them, planning can commence. Throughout the entire process, you'll be consistently updated on the progress. Ultimately, you'll receive a flawless piece, as another ghostwriter will review your work and make corrections if needed. We're committed to delivering original content, so every finished work undergoes plagiarism checks. Seeking discretion? We guarantee it! Privacy is our top priority, and we use an encrypted communication tool to ensure confidentiality. Furthermore, our customer service plays a significant role, assisting with any uncertainties or misunderstandings.

How does the process work?

Simply click on "Request" and you'll be redirected to a form.
There, you can specify your requirements and provide a detailed description of your request. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. We always deliver precisely on schedule, so you don't have to worry about any delays. Partial deliveries are also available.
An important note for you: We only accept payment in advance.
On our homepage, there's a request form where you can enter the basic requirements for your project.
If you wish to receive partial deliveries, we'll discuss and arrange that with you. Lastly, just input your contact information, and you're all set.

Present us with your task – we'll ensure your satisfaction.

Where expertise meets writing skill. Our professionals have already earned their Bachelor's or Master's degrees, and some even hold a PhD. They've been in your shoes before. So if you're feeling overwhelmed, perhaps with a growing list of tasks or struggling to articulate your paper, always remember you're not alone. We're here to help. All you need to do is drop us a message. We're waiting to assist you! Our experts will fully meet your needs, addressing all your problems, requirements, and questions.

During college, there's a lot on one's plate, especially with numerous written assignments. Whether it's a term paper, seminar report, project work, research paper, or any other task, there's always something to be done. This can be especially challenging for freshmen who aren't accustomed to such responsibilities.

Our ghostwriters, on the other hand, have crafted more than 7,000 pieces of work. And that covers all types! Not just term papers but also presentations, articles, lectures, and even blog posts, among others.

Writing and academia go hand in hand. They're inseparable. That's why it's essential for our experts to be familiar with the methodologies in their respective fields and to possess a pleasant writing and language style.

Secure Payment

You can choose between two payment methods: bank transfer and online credit card payment. Additionally, you have the option to pay in installments if you prefer. For continuous collaboration, you can receive a loyalty discount of 5% off the total amount. If you pay within 5 days, you get a 3% discount. And of course, we always offer you an excellent value for your money. We consistently deliver on the promised date, and we guarantee that. You've found a professional, reliable, and efficient partner in us.

Every week, you'll receive a delivery of 5-10 pages of the work. This way, you can keep track of the progress and request changes in a timely manner if needed. What we offer:

  • Bachelor's theses, as they significantly impact your grade.

  • Term papers, with our experts' assistance ensuring top-notch results.

  • Master's theses, with the perfect PhD-writer at the ready.

Many of our clients are extremely satisfied because we take them and their tasks seriously. Here, the customer always comes first. You can easily sign up with us for free and find an author at an affordable rate. All of our experts are highly qualified with impressive credentials. By the way, whether you need a little guidance or require assistance with structuring or research, we're always here for you! We consistently deliver on time and guarantee excellent results!

Our Role as a Ghostwriting Price Comparison Service

Academic ghostwriting in the US comes with varying costs. The work of a reputable ghostwriter is determined by various factors. Creating an academic paper not only requires a significant amount of time but also the academic experience and expertise that the writer has gained during their education. A custom-made template for an academic paper written by an experienced ghostwriter involves a lot of knowledge, time, and effort.

Each project is individually priced, taking into consideration various factors you've previously shared with us. It's crucial to consider the scope of your work, the type of project you want to implement, and the field of study for which the paper is being prepared.

1. Qualified Writers

Every writer undergoes a series of grammar and vocabulary tests before joining our team.

2. Anonymity

We prioritize our clients' privacy and never share your personal information with third parties or other individuals.

3. Secure Payments

We process all payments according to your preferences, ensuring the utmost security of your data.

4. 24/7/365 Support

You can contact us at any hour of the day or night with questions; we're always here to assist you.

Our Writers

Need assistance? Great, we have 700 individuals ready to help. They possess the required experience and knowledge to support you. However, they first undergo a vetting process to ensure they maintain high standards and expertise. Your work will be crafted by a professional writer holding an MA/PhD degree. Additionally, our members are prohibited from using pre-made materials.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We offer excellent customer service and provide multiple ways for you to conveniently contact us from the comfort of your home. Also, know that you can easily track your order online, and thanks to our messaging system, you can communicate with the writer at any time. Our support team consists of several members, ensuring someone is always available to assist you.

Guarantees for You

We always aim to ensure that your needs are met to your satisfaction. If you feel that your work requires revisions, we will make those changes at no additional cost. Your requirements are our priority, and we provide top-tier academic services. Another assurance we provide is that your work will be 100% plagiarism-free and original. If our quality assurance department validates your claim, we offer a money-back guarantee. For more advice, visit our service page. We are committed to helping you achieve the best outcome.

Writing often presents challenges like topic selection, structure, and sometimes even writer's block. The crux of any academic work is its central thesis and a clear, consistent thread. Prior research and determination of source analysis methods are essential. This underlines why students often find it daunting to craft academic papers. During their academic journey, students will likely need to produce at least three such papers.

The Right Balance
If you already have your topic, that's great! But if you're struggling to find one, reach out to us. We can provide comprehensive advice and collaborate with you to make the best choice. All you need to do is create an account with us, and we'll get started!
Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you. So, rest assured!
Your sensitive information is treated with utmost discretion and is promptly deleted after your inquiry.
Once all details are settled, one of our writers will commence on your project. Once completed, you can easily download it. Before we begin, we'll need specifics regarding formatting, citation styles, any guidelines from your institution, and other pertinent details. If you have course materials or preliminary drafts, you can share them with us. We'll discuss these and other matters further.

You Matter to Us
To address all needs and desires, we treat each customer uniquely.

Quality is Guaranteed
Every piece of work is crafted by an expert with high competence and adequate experience.

Safety First
We handle your information discreetly and confidentially.

An Overview

You'll receive professional support from our writers, ensuring high-quality work while maintaining absolute discretion. All you need to do is send us a request. Many students face time constraints and immense pressure. A ghostwriter can alleviate these pressures and offer assistance. Our writers can produce texts efficiently and promptly due to their extensive experience. They are well-versed in the rules and specific guidelines regarding formatting and more.

While classmates or friends may provide some assistance, they don't substitute the expertise of an instructor or seasoned editor.
We prioritize quality, and each of our writers undergoes rigorous vetting. All assignments also go through a comprehensive review process. We currently employ 300 individuals and are in touch with 3,000 tutors. All of them stand ready to address your needs.
Most of our clientele are students unable to complete their work due to time constraints, seeking our assistance. They approach us with various requests, ranging from term papers, theses, bachelor's dissertations, specialized assignments, and more.

Our specialized services include editing, ghostwriting, proofreading, and formatting academic texts. Every project is overseen by controllers, and there's also a dedicated advisor and coordinator. We assist in creating and refining your work and even offer corrections. We're with you every step of the way, from brainstorming ideas to writing, and post-writing adjustments. Our ghostwriters are experts, deeply knowledgeable in their fields, ensuring you receive a high-quality product. The reasons individuals turn to us are diverse, but we aren't concerned with the 'why.'
Sometimes, due to their busy schedules, professors might not have ample time for students, leading them to seek our services. We offer assistance in writing, editing, translating, and more.

If you're considering ghostwriting services, be mindful of where you seek help.

Secure Payment

You have two payment options to choose from: bank transfer and online credit card payment. We also offer the flexibility of installment payments if that's what you prefer. For ongoing projects, you can avail of a 5% loyalty discount on the total sum. If you pay within 5 days, you'll receive a 3% early payment discount. And of course, we always provide you with excellent value for your money. We always deliver on time, as promised – that's our guarantee to you. With us, you've found a professional, reliable, and efficient partner. Every week, you'll receive a delivery of 5-10 pages of your work, allowing you to monitor progress and request changes as needed. Here's what we offer:

  • Bachelor's theses, as they significantly influence your grade.

  • Term papers, because our experts can greatly assist and help you achieve excellent results.

  • Master's theses, for which we have the perfect PhD-qualified writer on standby. Many of our clients are extremely satisfied because we take them and their tasks seriously. Here, the client always comes first. You can easily sign up for free and find a writer at an affordable rate. All our experts are highly qualified and hold prestigious degrees. Whether you need minor support, assistance with structuring, or help with research, we're always here for you! And we deliver on time, ensuring only top-notch results!

Professional Product Descriptions

If you have products that don't stand out or are similar to what's already on the market, you should definitely consider our services. We guarantee to make your product shine and give you a competitive edge.
One common mistake many businesses make is simply copying product descriptions from others. Don't fall into that trap!
Even for innovative products, we can craft the perfect description for you. We'll present your product in the best possible light, providing detailed information that captures attention.
Our writers can enhance your description in a way that appeals to consumers, helping them instantly recognize the novelty, quality, and trustworthiness of your product.
With a description penned by us, you'll gain potential new customers, clear and concise content that won't confuse readers, and even receive an objective assessment of your product from our team.

We Offer

Original works tailored to your instructions Deadlines ranging from 12 hours to 1 month

Coverage of most disciplines


24/7 Support

We Guarantee


Customized work

On-time delivery

Experienced writers with academic backgrounds

Protection of personal information

Immediate response to all your inquiries

What Benefits Do I Receive?

You'll save not only a significant amount of time but also effort and energy. On top of that, we guarantee you a high-quality final product. If you encounter any challenges, we're here for you around the clock. And you'll get all of this at an affordable price, providing great value for your money.

Of course, delivering this requires hard work and dedication on our part, but ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority, so it's a commitment we're glad to make. Because to produce a successful work, expertise, precision, teamwork, and detailed writing are crucial. Ensuring top-quality is paramount to our agency so you can achieve the best results!

Have Your Paper Written by Us!

Writing such documents can be very demanding, and not everyone can produce a top-quality paper without assistance. Selecting the right topic is critical as it influences the entire process and ultimately, the outcome. It's advantageous to have prior knowledge or a comprehensive collection of related literature. Your unique ideas and approaches need to be well-explained.

By doing this, you can demonstrate to your professor that you can apply what you've learned and delve deeper into the topic. Typically, such intensive writing is done towards the end of one's studies, be it bachelor's, master's theses, or dissertations.

Once you've pinpointed your specific topic, deep reading is essential, taking notes as you go. While many might turn to the internet for information, books are also invaluable resources. Whether you're using online sources or books, it's essential to ensure they are reputable and up-to-date since misinformation can be encountered. If you come across an academic debate, it's worth pursuing to understand insights or perspectives from other researchers.

Once you've gathered sufficient material, the next step is organizing your thoughts and outlining your paper. It starts with an introduction, detailing your approach. Following that is the main body, the most extended and vital section of the paper. This section entails posing a question related to the topic and answering it using the literature.

The core of the body comprises:

  • Concrete evidence supporting each argument or claim

  • Original thoughts and ideas

  • Minimal reliance on lengthy quotations

  • Smooth transitions between sections

The conclusion wraps up the paper. Proper citation is just as crucial here as in previous sections to avoid potential plagiarism. It provides a summary and draws final inferences.

For more on this, visit: [Link to an equivalent English resource, as the original link is in German]

It's paramount to infuse your original ideas and not solely rely on existing literature. That's why a plagiarism check is vital, which we can conduct for you. If we spot any issues, we'll revise until your paper is truly unique and free from concerns.

Our ghostwriters are familiar with this entire process, having undertaken it many times. So, if you need assistance, reach out to us!


Ultimately, what you choose to do with these texts is up to you. For more information on the topic "Is it legal to have someone else write a student essay?", you can find resources here. In the U.S., there's no law against composing academic articles on someone else's behalf, unless you submit the work under your own name at your educational institution. Therefore, it's advisable to revise the content we provide. However, we won't track how you further process the text. Ghostwriting is legal and has been utilized in books and e-books for many years. Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions.

However, we must emphasize that presenting the text we've provided as your own academic work is legally not permissible, as it would be deemed plagiarism by your institution. Hence, we strongly advise: revise the text!

If you're interested in our writing service for "having academic papers written", please get in touch with us. Using our contact form, you can share your topic, the length of your term paper, master's or bachelor's thesis, and your deadline. Subsequently, you'll receive our confirmation along with information on ghostwriting costs and payment methods. Prices are determined based on the effort involved. As previously mentioned, the cost is lower the more of the content you write yourself. We have no hidden fees. Upon receiving our proposal, you can choose between upfront payment or installment plans.

Protection Against Plagiarism: Many people fear plagiarism. This concern is entirely understandable, but rest assured that we guarantee originality in our work. Grammatical or spelling mistakes? Not from us. We review your work three times! We have a dedicated editing and proofreading department for this very purpose. The final outcome of these checks is provided to you at no additional charge.

Our plagiarism check is stringent. We've invested in a premium plagiarism scanner, ensuring clarity about the originality of your work. If any plagiarized content emerges, we can promptly make corrections.

Another advantage is that we provide a dedicated point of contact available to you at all times. So, if you have questions, ideas, wishes, suggestions, etc., reach out to the designated representative, and they'll assist or relay your message to the author.

Over 1,500 People Trust Us and Our Quality

The industry is growing and demand is rising. Yet, even today, ghostwriting remains somewhat stigmatized and unfamiliar to many. Some folks don't understand why someone would seek such services or even what ghostwriting really is. The term "ghost" comes from the English word meaning "spirit". So, does a spirit write your paper? Well, not exactly. The author remains anonymous, and the rights to the work are transferred to you. This is an excellent opportunity for students to seek help and establish a solid foundation for their work.

It's also very convenient that one can hire a ghostwriter online – accessible anytime, anywhere. We receive orders from a diverse clientele via our website. Our support managers promptly process these requests and get back to you. They pay attention to your specifications and find the best-suited ghostwriter. Our writers specialize in academic texts.

Many students struggle with writing such documents because they require in-depth expertise, a good command of specialized vocabulary, and a general flair for writing. Additionally, structuring such works can be challenging, with numerous guidelines and standards to adhere to. Drafting an academic paper typically involves extensive literature research, in-depth study, and robust argumentation.

The time constraints many students face play a significant role. Crafting such a document is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our ghostwriters bring a wealth of experience and proficiency to the table, ensuring that you can entrust your work to capable and trustworthy hands.

If you already have a topic in mind, let us know. If not, we can collaboratively identify a suitable one. Following this, the writer gets to work and ensures timely completion. Our rates are affordable, making this service accessible to every student.

Facing writing challenges? Encountering writer's block? Lacking essential foundational knowledge? Unsure about formatting requirements? Then reach out to us!