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Our professional team is comprised of highly qualified experts and commissioned writers who combine their relevant academic degrees with a passion for academic writing. With their dedication and professionalism, our team of over 16 experts ensures that the best ghostwriting services are curated for scholars seeking assistance in any field or domain.


Depending on the complexity of the assignment topics, we offer solutions to students from various academic disciplines. Our staff includes specialized professionals and certified writers who provide assistance with all types of academic documents; whether assignments, essays, reports, research papers, presentations, coursework, etc. Ghostwriting is a matter of trust. With our expertise, we assist both students and doctoral candidates, crafting their academic papers. We're also skilled in creating legal assessments and research reports for committees, all falling under the purview of our agency's scientific content creation and ghostwriting services.


Our mission is to secure and present the best services tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on being independent, competent, and fair. Right from the onset of the writing process, we support you with comprehensive writing consultation. Moreover, researchers and scholars employ our services to transform their research findings into top-quality publications. Students utilize our services for essay writing, term papers, and seminar papers, ghostwriting bachelor's theses, or the successful crafting of master's theses. The challenges you face during your academic journey are diverse - and so are the services we offer.

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What benefits do I get?

Not only will you save a considerable amount of time, but you'll also reduce your effort and energy. We guarantee you a high-quality end result. Should you encounter any difficulties, we are always here for you. And all of this comes at an affordable price with an excellent value-for-money ratio. Naturally, this demands significant work and effort on our part, but ensuring your satisfaction is our goal, so this is no issue for us. Crafting a successful piece requires expertise, precision, teamwork, and meticulous, detailed writing. Quality is our agency's top priority to ensure you get the best grade!

High Standards - Right from the Start!

Clients can guide the writer from the very beginning - and that too, completely anonymously! This includes providing a focus for the research, the argumentative structure, and a basic outline. We guarantee quality and overall, a very high standard of work. Hence, we conduct a review after each partial delivery and ensure quality control. We also offer post-delivery revisions upon the completion of the entire project.


Typically, we assist students with topic selection, literature reviews, chapter creation, and sometimes even with complete assignments. In essence, ghostwriting is akin to commissioned writing. Clients provide a topic or a direction, we find the ideal writer, and then they handle the writing process. Preliminary discussions can be arranged, or orders can be placed online. In an online order, the client specifies the topic, criteria, length, exact due date, etc.

Our agency is in high demand and popular among numerous clients. The ease of placing orders and our high-quality execution have won many over. Discretion, of course, remains a top priority. Clients can provide precise directives, and the work is created according to their specifications and vision, ensuring a satisfactory outcome in the end. Clients can either specify certain sources that the writer should adhere to or allow the writer to undertake the literature review. Anything is possible!

The requirements and structure vary depending on the type of work. Comparing a term paper and a doctoral dissertation is not appropriate since different standards apply to each. Therefore, we're happy to provide proofreading and plagiarism checks for any text type.


Each of our writers undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that you can confidently rely on us to deliver exceptional work. Our ghostwriters predominantly come from commonly pursued academic fields, with many holding doctorates in social sciences and business studies.

After you've placed your order and shared your expectations and requirements, we strive to match you with the ideal academic writer. This individual brings extensive experience, showcasing profound expertise and knowledge in their specific field.

If you wish to have your work written in another language, such as English, we will make every effort to find a native speaker. We offer writing services in German, English, French, Russian, Polish, and Spanish.

Factors influencing our prices include:

  1. SERVICES. Ghostwriting is a widely sought-after yet comprehensive service. Thus, crafting an original text costs more than just proofreading.

  2. FIELD OF STUDY. We cover various academic disciplines. However, some fields have more representation than others due to the specialized knowledge required. This discrepancy is reflected in the pricing.

  3. COMPLEXITY Empirical works are generally more expensive than non-empirical ones. If the data is already available, it's understandably less costly than if the ghostwriter has to generate it. The more input the client provides, the more affordable it becomes.

  4. TIMELINE. Naturally, assignments with tighter deadlines carry a premium. It's advisable to contact us well in advance to save on costs.

  5. CUSTOMER SPECIFICATIONS. If there are specific guidelines, say regarding literature sources, this can drive up the price compared to assignments with no obligatory sources or datasets.

  6. SCOPE. The intricacy of the work matters too. For instance, writing a term paper is more straightforward than a thesis. Consequently, you should expect higher pricing for substantial projects. As our standard is 1800 characters per page, if a different formatting with a varied character count is used, there could be a price adjustment.


You're guaranteed a fixed price with us! We don't surprise you with unexpected price hikes or hidden fees. As long as you don't change the scope of your order, the price remains consistent.

We offer three pricing tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium.


Perfect for simpler topics or projects related to community colleges, business schools, high schools, or middle schools, and when the text needs to be written in English or German.


We believe that quality and profitability don't contradict but rather complement each other.

The standard rate is set at $45 per page (formatted in Arial font with a 1.5 line spacing).


For highly complex subjects, doctoral or empirical studies, projects associated with renowned universities, and if the text is to be written in French or Spanish, expect a slightly higher price range.


We create custom, high-quality assignments based on your specifications, and we guarantee they're plagiarism-free.


An academic editor from the respective field will refine both the content and language of your paper.


The presentation and formatting of your work significantly contribute to its success.

Plagiarism Check

With manual reviews and specialized software, we rigorously examine your work for any signs of plagiarism. Safety first!

We're well aware that students, especially nearing the end of their studies, often work within tight budgets. That's why we strive to make our rates student-friendly, ensuring they remain competitive.

The many positive testimonials and reviews from our customers should certainly inspire confidence in entrusting us with your work. With our help, you can complete your studies stress-free, and with impressive grades to boot.

For a detailed price overview, visit: https://ghostwritersuisse.ch/.

In addition to competitive prices, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier quality, a fact echoed by our many satisfied clients.

Students receive tailored support from us, tailored to their unique needs. Our experts are seasoned professionals, capable of creating a piece from scratch. Each of our writers specializes in a particular field, boasting a wealth of expertise. It's essential to note that all possess academic qualifications and stay updated on the latest university guidelines regarding paper formatting, citations, and more.

We offer assistance in crafting Bachelor's, Master's, and other graduation theses and papers.

Two Eyes Never See Enough

Despite our competitive pricing, we ensure high-quality results through a rigorous monitoring process. Even though our writers are experts in their fields, with extensive experience and a firm stance against plagiarism, mistakes can happen to anyone.

To safeguard against any unintentional plagiarism, we utilize PlagScan, a reliable software that detects any copied content. If you wish, we can provide you with a detailed report from the software in PDF format.

But that's not all! Another layer of security is added by having a second expert review the work, making corrections if necessary. This second set of eyes cross-references the provided guidelines with the completed manuscript.

We provide the comprehensive support you need to produce a top-notch paper.

Once you've determined the topic, a personal consultant will present a rough draft, ensuring full adherence to academic standards and criteria.

You have the flexibility to decide when and how often you'd like updates on the progress. If you need assistance only with certain parts of your work, that can be arranged. Once the perfect ghostwriter is identified, they begin writing immediately.

They're here to assist you throughout, even when your designated supervisor might be unavailable. Professors often have limited time to provide in-depth assistance to every student. Therefore, our dedicated consultant stands by your side from topic selection to the final touches.

If you prefer, our experts can create a well-structured outline, an effective introduction, and, at the end, a comprehensive summary. We can also review and correct your work, saving you sleepless nights that would otherwise be spent proofreading. We'll check for spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism, ensuring your paper aligns with your institution's standards. Proper citation is crucial to avoid unintentional plagiarism; the source must be accurately referenced and the content freshly phrased.

If desired, we can undertake the task of correcting your academic piece from start to finish.

We at [Your Company's Name] offer a broad range of specialists, each tailored to your specific subject area, ensuring they're well-versed in the topic at hand.

Many individuals face challenges with their projects, often unsure about how to correctly approach them to achieve a favorable outcome. This is why ghostwriting services like ours are in high demand.

During a Bachelor's thesis, students are expected to showcase their capabilities, apply their learning, and engage in scientific research and writing. We're here to guide you through this process, leveraging our years of experience.


Several of our freelance authors and ghostwriters have studied at universities in Germany, making us exceptionally equipped to assist and advise others.

Our literature foundation comprises sources such as Pubmed, Google Scholar, and UpToDate. We also rely heavily on prestigious journals like Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, and the British Medical Journal. Staying updated with the latest developments and being familiar with the most recent research methodologies are fundamental for delivering quality work and making progress. We can provide you with a general overview to aid in your investigation.

Quality is paramount to us, but we also prioritize cost transparency and, above all, discretion. Since our pricing is tailored to your specifications, we don't have fixed rates. Instead, we always offer the best price for your project. After all, both you and we aim for the optimal solution. If you choose to collaborate with us, you can expect personalized, professional service and outstanding quality.

Simply send us a message, give us a call, or use the contact form available on our website. We can then provide you with delivery and payment details promptly.

For the latest information, always refer to our website.